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Upcoming Water Projects

Project Location Description Cost Estimate Project Status Funding Agency Estimated Bid Date Project Manager Comments
Village of Waltonville   Rend Lake Booster Pump Station   Preliminary Design Rural Development Winter 2013 Wally Cox  


Water Projects Out for Bid

Project Location Description Engineer's Estimate Pre-Bid Date Bid Opening Downloadable Documents Project Manager Comments/Links
Village of Fieldon Elevated Water Tank Repair/Repaint Fieldon, IL Repairs and interior repainting/exterior touch-up of a 50,000 gal. legged water tank located in Fieldon, IL. $122,800 None Monday November 24, 2014 at 2:00 PM


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Ronnie Paul

Eli Molloy

Seth Elliott

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Water Projects Under Construction

Project Location Description Contractors Bid Contractor Estimated Completion Date Bid Results Project Manager Photos/ Comments
Proposed Phase III Water Distribution System Improvements - Contract D Clay County Approximately 4,300 lineal feet of 6 and 10 inch water main, 2400 lineal feet of bored 6 and 10 inch water main, 140 feet of 12 and 18 inch bored casing, and related appurtenances.       Bid Tab Craig Olsen



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Washington County Water Company Nashville, IL Proposed Dubois elevated Tank Rehabilitation $260,900 Hanfland Contractors   Bid Tab Craig Olsen Specifications
Concordia Water Cooperative St. Clair County Approximately 27 miles of 3 to 8 inch water main and appurtenances   Appartent Low Baxmeyer Construction October 2014 Bid Tab Seth Elliott



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Gateway Reginal Water Company Clay County Frost Elevated Tank Improvements   Appartent Low   Bid Tab Craig Olsen Specifications


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Henderson Water District Macoupin County 76 miles of 4 inch and 6 inch water main and appurtenances $2,249,776.25 Appartent Low Korte & Luitjohan August 2014 Bid Tab Ronnie Paul

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Addendum No. 1 Size: 2MB

Fosterburg 500,000 Gallon Tank Repair and Repaint Madison County Repair and Repaint a 500,000 gallon legged elevated water tower $420,050 L&T Painting, Inc. June 2014 Bid Tab Seth Elliott Specifications
Washington County Water Company Washington County Nashville Booster Pump Station Replacement $476,670 Haier Plumbing and Heating   Bid Tab Craig Olsen  
City of Greenville Bond County

Harris Avenue Water Main Replacement

Replace 3,879 feet of 6 inch cast iron with 8 pvc water main


Haier Plumbing and Heating

Fall 2012

Bid Tab

Eli Molloy

Plans and Specifications

Calhoun County Rural Water District Calhoun County

Contract I - 38 Miles of 3" - 12" Water Main and Appurtenances

Contract J - Water Plant and Booster Pump Station Upgrades

Contract K - Installation of a Well and Cleaning and Testing 2 Existing Wells

I - $2,285,434.75


J - $1,949,000


K - $165,376

C&S Companies


Leander Construction


Brotche Well and Pump

Fall 2013


Spring 2014


Spring 2013

Contract I Bid Tab


Contract J Bid Tab


Contract K Bid Tab

Ronnie Paul

Contract I Plans and Specifications

Contract J Plans and Specifications

Contract K Plans and Specifications

City of Bunker Hill Macoupin County Vernon/Alden/Grant Water Main Relocation and Reservoir/Foote Road Water Main Extension $172,865.50 MB Construction Spring 2013 Bid Tab Ronnie Paul Plans and Specifications
Moores Prairie Township Water Company Phase I Jefferson County Water distribution system improvements $796,502 J.K. Trotter & Sons   Bid Tab Craig Olsen  
Fayette Water Company Fayette County Vandalia Lake water main extension $898,713 C&S Contractors   Bid Tab Wally Cox  
Washington County Water Company Washington, Randolph & Perry Counties Phase IX $1,610,036 Korte & Luitjohn   Bid Tab Wally Cox  
Greene County Rural Water District Phase V Greene County 50 mile rural water line extension $1,538,638 Haier Plumbing and Heating November 2012 Bid Tab Seth Elliott


Jersey County Rural Water Company Jersey County 675 gpm Lake Piasa Booster Pump Station $566,590 Jun Construction May 2012 Bid Tab Ronnie Paul


City of Staunton Staunton, IL 2,000,000 gallon per day water treatment plant $6,000,000



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Fosterburg Water District - Water Tank Repaint Madison County Highway 159 tank repair and repaint       Bid Tab Ronnie Paul  
NE Marion County Water Company Marion & Clay Counties Larkinsburg water main extension $1,800,000 Tri-S Excavating July 2011 Bid Tab Wally Cox  


Completed Projects

Project Location Description Total Cost Contractor Year Completed Bid Results Project Manager Photos/ Comments
Forest Homes Maple Park PWD Madison County Miscellaneous Water System Improvements $111,125 Schulte Supply 2011 Bid Tab Ronnie Paul  
Village of Lenzburg Lenzburg, IL Water Tower Improvements $100,000 White Head Brothers 2010 Bid Tab Doug Kinzinger  
Jersey County Rural Water Co. Godfrey, IL Ground Storage Tank $1,100,000 Amrent Contracting 2011 Bid Tab Ronnie Paul  
Village of Farmersville Farmersville, IL Elevated Tank $900,000 Phoenix Fabricators 2011 Bid Tab Seth Elliott  
Clay County Water Co. Phase 2 Clay County 60 miles of rural water extensions $1,715,000 Tri-S Excavating 2011 Bid Tab Wally Cox  
Washington County Water Company Perry County Southern Precision Sand Water Main Extenstion $213,340 Haier Plumbing and Heating 2011 Bid Tab Craig Olsen  
Meadowbrook Public Water District Madison County 3,100 LF water main replacement $124,713 Korte & Luitjohan 2011 Bid Tab Ronnie Paul  
Arenzville Rural Water Coop Arenzville, IL
Cass County
60 miles $2,500,000 C&M Contractors 2010 Bid Tab Dean Heneghan  
Jersey County Rural Water Co. Godfrey, IL Godfrey Booster Pump Station $820,000 GL Warren Construction 2010 Bid Tab Ronnie Paul  
Greene County Rural Water District IV Greene County 50 miles Rural Waterline Extension $2,100,000 C&S Companies 2011 Bid Tab Bob Manns  
Viillage of Kane Greene County Contract A-100,000 gallon elevated tank

Contract B-Water Main Extension, Telemetry, Site Work

Contract C-50,000 Gallon Elevated Tank Demolition

Calwell Tank


DNP Plumbing

Steelsmith Tank and Tower


Bid Tab

Bob Manns  
City of Bunker Hill City of Bunker Hill 150,000 gallon elevated water storage tank $688,000 Calwell Tanks 10/17/2008 Bid Tab    
Fosterburg Water District - Wenzel Road Water Main Relocation Madison County 3,300LF water main replacement $583,000 Ehret Inc. 2009 Bid Tab    
Staunton Main Street Water Line Staunton, IL 2800 LF of 12" water lines $425,000 Project Completed Project Completed Bid Tab    
NE Marion County Water Co. - LaClede Fayette County 36 miles of rural water extensions $790,000 Haier Plumbing and Heating Project Completed Bid Tab Wally Cox  
Washington County Water Co. - Bradley Township Jackson County 20 miles of rural water $735,000 J.K. Trotter and Sons Project Completed Bid Tab Craig Olsen  
FMC Water Company Marion County Phase IV $700,000 Furlong Excavating   Bid Tab Craig Olsen  
Central Macoupin County Rural Water District Macoupin County 12 miles of rural water main extension $650,000       Ronnie Paul