Location: City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois

County: Jefferson

Midtown Sanitary Sewer Improvements: The Project consists of the installation of CIPP lining and replacement of sanitary sewer mains, cementitious lining and replacement of manholes, and open excavation rehab at several sanitary sewer locations.

Funding Agency: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency- Water Pollution Control Loan

Bid Opening: March 24, 2022 10:00AM


Construction Start:

Heneghan and Associates, P.C.

Email: llbowlin@heneghanassoc.com
Phone: 618-533-6525

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Haier Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Email: office@haierplumbing.com
Phone: 618-243-5908

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City of Mt. Vernon

Email: brad.ruble@mtvernon.com
Phone: 618-242-5000

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Wiggs Excavating, Inc.

Phone: 618-927-7171

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J.K. Trotter & Sons

Email: jktrotter@mcn.net
Phone: 618-237-0908

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