CASE STUDY: Calhoun County Rural Water District – Phase 5 Water System Improvements

Client Need

With residential customer growth expected in upcoming years, Calhoun County Rural Water District encountered a problem with their water wells and treatment plant being at maximum usable capacity. Pressure filters at the treatment plant were nearing the end of their life expectancy and low chlorine residuals were occurring at the far reaches of the distribution system. In addition, IEPA recommended having a back up power supply at the treatment plant. CCRWD had a shortage of local funding for the necessary improvements.

HA Engineered Solution

HA provided a Preliminary Engineering Report that met IEPA and funding agency requirements, including project cost estimates, and necessary user-rate adjustments. HA also provided engineering design, IEPA permitting, bidding and award assistance, and construction-phase services. USDA Rural Development grant and low-interest loan funding was obtained.

Results of HA/Client Partnership

The water treatment plant was upgraded 50% above its original treatment capacity, including removal/replacement of high pressure filters, addition of a chemical-feed system allowing chemical injection at multiple points along the treatment train, and removal/replacement of filter pumps and high service pumps. A key project feature was the ability to connect multiple chorine analyzers at the water treatment plant and remote pumping station to the SCADA system, for automation of chemical-feed system based upon chlorine residual and system demands. In addition, cleaning and pump upgrades were made to two existing wells, along with the installation of a new, third well. “Pig” launch and retrieval pits were installed on the raw water main. A permanent generator was also installed to run the water treatment plant and wells.

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