When should I get a survey?

  • When buying or selling land, the location of which is not clearly defined on the ground.
  • Before land is divided.
  • If a line or corner is not defined
  • Before building a shed, garage, house, or fence close to a line.
  • Before developing the property.
  • When you believe someone has encroached on your property.

What information does the surveyor need to complete the survey?

  • A copy of a deed or title commitment.
  • Surveyors need to know the location of the property.
  • When it needs to be completed.
  • Why there is a need for a survey.

What costs are associated with a survey?

The cost of the survey is based on several factors with physical size usually not a factor.

  • How the property is described and monument information in the area.
  • How much past surveying work has been done in the area.
  • Terrain and physical obstructions.
  • Recent development (Subdivision)
  • Research

The above items depending can raise or lower the price of a survey.  With professional fees, the more time required to solve the survey, the higher the cost of the survey.

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