Heneghan Associates is a civil engineering firm able to design and implement fiber optic network designs for a multitude of applications. Our team of engineers utilize CAD, GIS, and O-Calc Pro software to effectively analyze and design efficient routes and installation methods. Initial routing, permit maps, construction drawings, and final as-built maps all have a thorough QC procedure to ensure the highest quality design possible.

Heneghan Associates also provides customers an in-depth look into daily engineering progress, allowing customers unparalleled access to important project information. This is invaluable information for customers to be able to make design decisions quickly and accurately.




Permitting and Easement Acquisition is a vital role in getting projects completed quickly. As a civil engineering company, we create maps, apply for, and correspond with permit authorities all the way through final approval on a wide variety of project types. We have an excellent track record of getting permits approved quickly and effectively. Our permitting team is knowledgeable in federal, state, and local requirements, as well as our ability to obtain private easements. With 10 licensed professional engineers and surveyors, HA can stamp permit applications as needed. Building relationships is an important aspect of obtaining permits, and our team is excellent at building and maintaining long standing relationships with permit authorities. This greatly improves response and approval time when applying for permits.


Heneghan Associates works closely with our construction company, Heneghan Construction Services (HCS) to provide seamless design/build project delivery – a key advantage in full-service civil solutions. The engineering and construction teams are fully integrated and have developed a collaborative environment. With knowledge of both design and construction practices, as well as engineering standards, projects transition smoothly from engineering to construction providing increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Collecting data on existing networks and equipment is an important step in knowing exactly how your network operates and what areas are currently being serviced. Mapping existing networks using GIS or CAD software provides a fantastic view of the entire infrastructure and utilizing data allows a unique viewing experience on exactly how the network operates. This allows you to make decisions on future growth with full confidence in your existing network. Having your entire existing network at your fingertips allows you to solve complex design issues such as, what areas are not currently being serviced, where you can tie extensions into your existing network and extend your network to new customers. These issues and more are easily recognized and diagnosed when your entire infrastructure is mapped and maintained.

Why Heneghan Associates?

Our goal is to provide our clients with feasible projects that can be implemented in a timely manner to meet their needs.  HA’s professional staff provides continual communication throughout the project’s analysis/feasibility study, design, permitting, and construction to provide creative/practical/collaborative/cost-effective developments.  Developments which result in maximizing client profits while minimizing impact to the natural resources of the area.
Heneghan’s team has an extensive portfolio of experience necessary to address Land Development projects, as small as a single lot site development of less than 1 acre to large subdivisions consisting of hundreds of acres or more.  We work proactively to assist clients with balancing their objectives with the expectations of the citizenry and public approval agencies, while maintaining compliance with local ordinances.  Our experience with Land Development enables us to design a project that is appealing to both the end user and the surrounding community, yet be cost effective for the client.  See OUR WORK for sample projects.
Heneghan’s team works with you from the beginning of the project through the end of construction to enable your projects to be implemented.  Our vast experience in our 4 offices includes a large portion of southern Illinois.  This work experience has provided us with good relationships with many local officials, familiarity with local permitting requirements/local ordinances, familiarity with local citizen concerns, and good working relationships with contractors who are adept at doing this work.  Through our collaborative effort we will help you implement projects that are politically, economically, and environmentally acceptable to both the client and the public.
We realize that client needs cannot always be met with standard methods so HA offers alternative project delivery methods (Design/Build and Design/Build/Finance) through our partnership with Heneghan Construction Services, LLC (HCS).  The Design/Build method allows for faster project completion, reduced engineering fees, collaborative versus adversarial relationships, and a single-point-of-contact.  The Design/Build/Finance method allows clients to meet their current financial constraints by spreading out the project payments over a period of years while still completing the project now.  See our Design/Build Construction service page for more details.

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