CASE STUDY: City of Carlinville, Illinois – Standard Addition Water Main Replacement

Client Need

Due to aging pipe in residential regions, the City of Carlinville was plagued by pressure problems, water main breaks, and customer complaints. On top of these problems, they had under-sized water mains. The City was looking for a fast-track project completion schedule. With HCS’s design-build services, they were able to select such a project delivery method.

HA Engineered Solution

HA assessed various alternatives for both existing and projected residential water demands. Sizing of the water main was considered for future growth and capacity, as well as designs for alternative water main placement and/or location. HA engineering design and IEPA permitting was concurrent with Contractor and City meetings regarding sizing and constructability considerations. The development of plans, specification and cost estimates was streamlined. HA collaborated with City operations staff throughout the entire design-build process. With construction administration and observation services reduced, it allowed the City to save on time and money which coincided with the City’s annual budget limits that were set.

Results of HA/Client Partnership

The water main replacement consisted of 2,400 LF of new 6-inch PVC water main, fire hydrants, gate valves, and related appurtenances. In addition, 81 service connections were made to the new water main and abandonment of the old water main was completed. The project included partnership and cooperation at all stages among the City, HCS, Contractor, and HA with results of a faster project delivery schedule, and more efficient use of City funding, than would have been achieved with a traditional Design-Bid-Build project delivery approach. No change orders issued during the project.

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