CASE STUDY: Jersey County Rural Water Company – Water Distribution Study

Client Need

Jersey County Rural Water Company consists of 5,000 customer taps and bulk/industrial users, 650 miles of water main (3-inch to 16-inch diameter), 7 storage tanks, 6 pump stations, 400+ feet of elevation change, multiple pressure zones, and 1MGD+ usage. With aging infrastructure and over-stressed existing storage/pumping stations, JCRWC was in need of long-term planning efforts, and needed funding options available for improvements.

HA Engineered Solution

HA collected and reviewed existing plans/specifications and usage data, assessed existing and future capacity needs, and reviewed existing Operating & Maintenance problems. Projections of short-term and long-term water usage were made. A detailed, computerized hydraulic analysis of the entire system was performed, including water age analysis to determine the locations of sampling needed to comply with IEPA Stage 2 DBP ruling. HA developed budgetary cost estimates for improvements needed, created a comprehensive assessment report, and coordinated with JCRWC board and staff.

Results of HA/Client Partnership

The project resulted in multiple phases of improvements, ranging from water main upgrades/extensions to added ground and elevated water storage to new booster pumping and chemical-feed capabilities. Design/permitting and construction services, as well as funding assistance with grant and low-interest loan funding applications and administration, were provided. These projects have provided many years of added operating capacity for JCRWC.

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