Location: City of Litchfield, Illinois

County: Montgomery

The project consist of constructing install approximately 7,000 lineal feet of 16″ and 1,600 lineal feet of 12″ water main and related appurtenances.

The project is funded by Economic Development Administration and City of Litchfield.

Heneghan and Associates, P.C.

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City of Litchfield

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Kinney Contractors, Inc. 

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LW Contractors, Inc.

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S. Shafer Excavating, Inc.

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Haier Plumbing

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Wiggs Excavating

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C & S Companies, Inc.

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Legends Underground Utilities

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Client Need

The City of Litchfield had been experiencing commercial growth, and was underway with Economic Development Administration (EDA) funding for an Industrial Park Expansion which included Water Main Extension, Sewer Improvements, and Infrastructure Development. The City needed these improvements to expand the Industrial Park to the opposite side of I-55.

HA Engineered Solution

HA provided assistance to the City by the study/assessment of various alternatives for both existing and projected commercial/industrial water demand and sizing of water main with future growth/capacity considerations for a 300-acre industrial park in a high-growth region of the City currently un-served by the existing water system.

Results of HA/Client Partnership

The project included 9,000 LF of 12-inch and 16-inch PVC water main and related appurtenances, a 30-inch bored casing/crossing of Interstate 55, and analysis of impacts to existing water distribution system.