CASE STUDY: Village of Godfrey, Illinois – Sanitary Sewer Analysis (SSA) & Flow Modeling

Client Need

With a community of over 17,000 residents, the Village of Godfrey had a history of excessive inflow and infiltration into the sanitary sewer system associated with rain events, which led to a history of occurring sanitary sewer overflows, manhole surcharging, and residential basement backups. The Village authorized HA to perform a flow monitoring data collection program.

HA Engineered Solution

HA worked closely with Village leaders and wastewater operations staff to identify known problem areas and suspected future trouble spots. Flow-meter and rain gauge data from ADS was utilized to create RDII curves and to create a calibrated sanitary sewer model. The model was then used to analyze sewer system capacity against various known and theoretical storm events. Various improvement options were modeled for alleviating surcharge and overflow conditions. The analyses were summarized into a report, and HA provided a summary PowerPoint presentation to various project stakeholders.

Results of HA/Client Partnership

In cooperation with the Village, the SSA resulted in verification and prediction of various sanitary sewer surcharge and overflow locations. Recommended improvement options were created to increase system capacity and minimize/prevent future surcharge and overflow problems. The analysis was able to model gravity main, lift station, and surge basins in a single hydraulic model and aided in development of a prioritized list of improvements to allow for more efficient use of Village funding.

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