Location: City of Litchfield, Illinois

County: Montgomery

The South Side Ditch Drainage Improvements – Phase 1 project consists of the installation of 2,250 feet of various size storm sewer pipe and related structures, regrading of drainage ditches, erosion control, utility adjustments, and other drainage improvements.

Bid Opening: October 21, 2020

Award: November 5, 2020 for Gelly Excavating & Construction, Inc. $507,661.00

Notice to Proceed: December 17, 2020

Construction Start: January 18, 2021

Construction End: April 2021

The Engineer’s Estimate is  N/A

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Heneghan and Associates, P.C.

Email: jalott@heneghanassoc.com
Phone: 618-498-6418

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L.W. Contractors, Inc.

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Kamadulski Excavating & Grading Co., Inc

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Phone: 618-931-3760

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B&M Services

Email: mjreynolds1967@gmail.com
Phone: 217-556-1670

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City of Litchfield

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Stutz Excavating, Inc.

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Haier Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

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RCS Construction, Inc.

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Gelly Excavating & Construction, Inc.

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Kinney Contractors

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Maul Excavating, Inc.

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