Location: Greene County, Illinois

County: Greene

The Phase VI – Water Distribution System Expansion – Contract K consists of replacing a 95 gpm Booster Pump Station in Carrollton with a 200 gpm Booster Pump Station.

The project is funded by Rural Development and Greene County Rural Water District.

Heneghan and Associates, P.C.

Email: swelliott@heneghanassoc.com
Phone: 618-498-6418

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Greene County Rural Water District

Email: hplogger@gcrwd.com Phone: 217-942-3503

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Central Subsurface Contracting

Email: kristimclean@yahoo.com
Phone: 217-492-0574

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River City Construction

Email: lduncan@rccllc.com
Phone: 309-694-3120

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Richards Electric Motor Co., Inc.

Email: roch@richardselectricmotor.com
Phone: 217-222-7154

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Loellke Plumbing, Inc.

Email: leslie@loellkeplumbinginc.com
Phone: 618-498-5185

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